Romaric Le Tiec Studio



Solve an issue,
Create an experience,
Tell a story,

this is the approach of the studio.

The studio believes in a global approach between the different scales of the project, which is why it intervenes on each mission with other partners (anthropologists, engineers, architects, graphic designers, interaction designer) who guarantee a coherent and qualitative response .
The approach is centered on human, materials and processes. The goal is to create value (economic, functional, emotional) by bringing innovation and meaning to each project. The studio refines and redefines its design processes continuously by integrating the evolutions that are the stakes (sustainable development), the methodologies (bottom-up innovation, co-design), the tools, the skills.


Romaric Le Tiec Studio supports organizations in the development and definition of their strategy through the use of design :

Service design
Industrial design
Space design


The studio is based in Paris (75) within the Superstructure, a space shared with architectural and interior design agencies:

Patrice Gobert, architect
Natalia Olivera, architect
Charlotte Vinet, interior architect
Céline Poulfort, interior architect
Paul Salas, interior decorator

DTP softwares : Adobe CC 2020
CAD software : Rhinoceros 5
3D Rendering software : Keyshot 9

Shared means :
1 meeting room
1 plotter
1 A3 color printer
1 model workshop


Roland Berger
Leclerc Drive
Stanley Robotics
Happy Neuron
Espace Dali
Région Languedoc-Roussillon
Ville de Chambéry
Shit Up Engineering


Romaric Le Tiec graduated from ENSAD in industrial design (2008).
He has worked in various design agencies (Arik Levy, Dan Yeffet Studio, Sebastien Wierinck) before founding Romaric Le Tiec Studio.
After teaching the design process at Paris College of Art from 2010 to 2016, he now teaches at Strate College , Creapole and INSEEC .

Romaric Le Tiec is member of Alliance Française des Designers.

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